Everyone has the potential to be great. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us we can, and give us the tools to unlock that potential. That's what we do.

How it all began ...

When Em and Nat founded Totally Runable in 2015 Emily Freeman was retiring from a succesful athletics career and Natalie Jackson was a Lawyer who'd found herself with a place in the London Marathon and used running to help her lose 3.5 stone. They didn't have much in common, other than a shared experience of women saying to them "I wish I could run" with a lack of confidence being their main barrier. They started working exclusively with adult women but within a year they were working in schools using running as the tool to build girls and female school staff confidence in sport, exercise and life.


Where they are now ...

Em and Nat both still work in the business delivering courses, holiday clubs and growing the team. By 2017 Totally Runable was not only empowering and inspiring girls and female school staff, but also supporting schools and multi academy trusts in their overarching PE, Sport and Physical Activity strategies, leading the way in academy education and campaigning not only for gender equality, but to raise the profile of school PE and get people thinking about the messages we're sending to the next generation about physical activity.

The future ...

Nat and Em passionately believe that "everyone has the potential to be great". Their growing team of brilliant trainers and office support staff do too. For more information about how you can support their mission get in touch with the team by email to beinspired@totallyrunable.com or find them and be totally social on Facebook or Twitter. Meet Em, Nat and the rest of Team Totally Runable here.