Hear what some of our runners, their parents, colleagues and employers had to say about Totally Runable and the positive changes they made after spending time with Totally Runable...

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Girls' Holiday Clubs

Sarah, Mum to Amy and Erin, age 11

"Fun sessions that appeal to my daughters' love of competitive sports, with lots of physical activities plus puzzles and chats to motivate them to do their best."

Jessica, age 8

"It was lovely and fun and wish we could do it every day!"

My Personal Best' Holiday Club Runner

"I loved everything about it. Even the running!"

Isobel, age 7

"I loved the club because we did puzzles and you had to run around the field."

Maria, Mum to Isobel, age 7

"Totally Runable holiday camps are a fantastic way for girls to develop their sports skills and a belief that with a positive mindset, they can achieve anything!"

Colleen, Mum to Carly, age 9

"Good confidence builder and team building with new people."

Dawn, Mum to Isabelle, age 9

"Fantastic opportunity to meet new friends and try different things."

Girls' Holiday Clubs

Rothwell Victoria Junior School, Leeds

“The girls really enjoyed the activities and the school most valued the way the girls were encouraged to take part in sports."

Netherton Junior and Infant School, Wakefield

“The girls enjoyed the games and practicing their running skills as well as the quiz. The school most valued how the course motivates young females to get into sport, learning key facts and to "believe in yourself."

Staff "Desk to 5k" Course

Hayley, 23

"Totally Runable opened the door to a happier healthier me!"

"I loved the mindset sessions, learning about nutrition and how to train my brain. The physical sessions made me feel healthy and stronger, and gave me a real sense of freedom. I hadn’t run at all before I started the course and in 8 weeks I was running 5ks - more energised, more excited and generally a happier person. I’m still running now and working towards some new goals in running and in life.”

Lorraine, 51

“I loved the course"

"I joined the course to get fitter and lose weight but I loved the fresh air, the challenge and the achievement. The tips and hints about how to exercise and how to think about exercise really helped me – learning how the mind works alongside the physical side. The physical sessions were just right for me – I need someone pushing me but not too much! Throughout the course I set goals and over achieved them! I’ve made changes at work and at home. I loved the course. I did feel unfit at the beginning but there’s no doubt I improved along the way and it was great to socialize and have fun. Our group struck up a bind with each other and supported one another through."

"Totally Runable was a ‘total inspiration’ to me and brought back all my happy memories of exercising (and the tough ones too)! I can’t wait to set my next goal.”

Jodie, 28

“I joined Totally Runable to get fit and healthy for my wedding and really enjoyed it!"

"It gave me time to think. You always feel good after a run and I felt the changes to my body which was a huge bonus. The mindset sessions added another level to the course that I wasn’t expecting. They made me think about me and my personal life that I didn’t think had anything to do with running but actually it’s all linked! I loved learning about the art of running and how we are designed to run. I loved setting goals for myself and achieving them. The course really focused me to think about me. Exercise is so much more than getting fit – the benefits are huge with a whole positive outlook on life.”

“I loved the community spirit of the sessions which motivated me to come because I was there for the team. When it is up to me I am not motivated to go out on my own and always make excuses but on the Totally Runable course we all helped and encouraged each other. Everyone was at a different level of fitness but we were all equal.”

Sue, 59

“The mindset sessions were very motivating"

"I liked the social aspect, not being at the gym. Running is a form of exercise I can enjoy. The course helped me lose weight and relax from the office. I felt like I improved every week and made real progress physically. The mindset sessions were very motivating, and it was great to get to know everyone and compare notes! I didn’t exercise before the course – things just got in the way, but the course allowed me to make time for exercise and motivated me because I was achieving something. Being older than some of the others also made it a major achievement and gave me confidence to do more things, see things differently and get involved more in life”

Sarah, 18

“I set goals for myself and achieved them"

"I now run to become healthy and fit. I like the feeling after you run, the positive feeling. I made changes to my diet and worked out what makes me feel better. I physically changed too. I set goals for myself and achieved them. Before I started the course I hadn’t run for years, nearly falling flat on my face from exhaustion after 2 minutes, I vowed to never run again. Now I go out at least twice a week and its all down to Em and Nat! Without them and their wide range of running knowledge, words of motivation and skilled persuasiveness of getting me to do 100 metres of lunges… I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do a 5k run (still can’t believe I did that!)”

“The course has made me change my lifestyle for the better. I feel fitter, happier, healthier and also more confident! Why did I ever hate running?!”

Becky, 25

"This course was amazing and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who has always wanted to give running a go but hasn't or has tried and failed in the past - Totally Runable will be exactly what you were looking for!"

“Now I run for the sense of accomplishment and head space, plus it is good exercise. Before I started the course I couldn’t run full stop! I hated running completely and was nervous as hell to start. But as the weeks progressed I could run further and faster and I actually started to love running. Yes LOVE, I can’t believe it either! Nat and Em were supportive and motivating and helped us all prove to ourselves that we can do it. I did it with an amazing group of ladies and I feel like we all became great friends – we helped each other on the tough days and laughed on the good days!”

Workplace Wellbeing Feedback

Judith Wright, Managing Director, Wright Angle Marketing

"I only wish more of my team had gone on the course"

“We helped Totally Runable develop their brand and thought that we would do a better job of this if we had experienced what Totally Runable was all about and so two of our members of staff took part in the very first workshop. In all honesty neither of them was looking forward to it, in fact, I’d say they were dreading it, but after the very first session they came back into the office the next day completely buzzed. Neither had any running experience but by the time they had finished the course they were practically running fanatics. Their mood in the office was lifted, it proved a great team building exercise as they now share a close relationship and have continued to run together and both say they feel fitter, healthier and happier. Having happy and healthy staff is great for business as they have more enthusiasm and tons of energy to get stuck into projects. I only wish that more of my team had gone on the course, but when the next workshop is running, I will be encouraging as many people as possible to take part, cannot say enough good things about it."