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Our Research

Don't Be A Girl About It: stereotypes, confidence and mindset in physical activity

Working with Astrea Academy Trust and funded by the Laurel Trust, this project took a snapshot of the attitudes of girls and female school staff to physical activity and established that attitudes could be changed through an intervention focusing on addressing gender stereotypes. Confidence of girls and female school staff was built through courses combining physical activity and mindset awareness.

Findings of previous research indicating an awareness of gender stereotypes and emergence of lack of confidence in sport in girls from age 7 onwards were reflected in the schools in which we worked. Female staff also showed a lack of confidence in their own physical abilities. Courses mixing physical, running-based, activities with mindset awareness improved the confidence of both pupils and staff in physical activity, impacting on participation as well as other areas of participants’ lives. Schools benefitted from increased staff knowledge and confidence, stronger staff and pupil relationships, staff leadership and role modelling.

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SATs Resource

Don't Be A Girl About It: stereotypes, confidence and mindset in physical activity

We mix mindset training with physical movements in everything we do. Our preparation for SATs is no different. We have put together a resource for year 6 teachers using mini games. This gives pupils a mental recharge combining physical activity with an important SATs related message to improve their confidence and performance during assessment time.

There are 5 different mini games to choose from - some can be played in the classroom and some are better played in the playground or hall. They can take as little or as much time as you want and best of all require no equipment.

Download our brand new year 6 SATs resource - designed to support you in getting the best out of your year 6 class.

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