Girls Only Holiday Clubs

Our next holiday club will be held during the October 2019 half term at Barnsley College, Honeywell Campus. Please go to our Upcoming Barnsley Holiday Clubs for further details.

Details will also be advertised via Facebbok and Twitter.

To reserve your place email with your name and contact details, your child’s full name, club venue and date or call 01226 982516.

To hear what other holiday clubbers and their parents say about our clubs check out the reviews on our Facebook page at

Holiday Clubs

Our holiday clubs are for girls age 7-11 (School years 3, 4, 5 and 6). They are all about making friends, staying fit and learning about ourselves. Each one includes a sprinting skills day and a challenge day, where we work as a team and individually to do our best, in a safe and fun environment with some awesome role model trainers.

We use running to build confidence in sport, exercise and life, with games, puzzles and lots of fun.

Our clubs are for all girls - whether they think of themselves as "sporty" or not - Totally Runable clubs are a place where you can be who you want to be, make friends, and have a great 3 days.

We have 4 holiday club themes to choose from - collect all 4 stickers when you've been on them all! For more information click the links below;

"Running Like A Girl"

The messages in this club theme are all about being ourselves, helping others to be themselves, and not letting stereotypes or judgement get in the way of having confidence in who we are - whoever that might be!

"My Personal Best"

This club theme is all about having a growth mindset, avoiding a fixed mindset, and always believing we can improve if we try our best. You might not be there yet but with hard work you can always improve!

"Running My Own Race"

The empowering message of this club theme is to think about success not just as a result but in terms of the things that went into it - we can't control everything but if we concentrate on controlling the controllables and don't worry too much about what other people are doing, we have more chance of succeeding in all areas of our lives - whether running a race or acing a spelling test!

"Being Brave"

The inspiring message of this club theme is all about being our own best self. Being scared isn't always a bad thing, but if it is getting in our way we need to think about why, look at what would happen in the best case scenario, look at what might happen in the worst case scenario, and do what we can to get out of our own way and do our best. Let's be our own superheroes!