Students win Adidas award with campaign using Totally Runable research

October 2019

Helen Giles and Remi Hardy, students at Bucks New University, have won a prestigious award thanks to their pitch for a campaign using photographs of female athletes on London buses, and Totally Runable's research.

The pair entered the AD&D New Blood competition earlier this year, answering Adidas’ call for a campaign that would get girls aged 14-19 into sports or to continue playing sport. Their entry was based on Totally Runable’s #SeeSportyBeSporty campaign and research, which looked at photographs of sport in national newspapers over a year, and found that less than 3% of photos of sport in the newspapers showed women playing sport.

The winning entry, dubbed “The Headlines They Deserve” showed designs featuring photographs of female athletes playing their sport, along with a headline about their performances, which might otherwise never have reached an audience of teenage girls. Designs included photographs of boxer Katie Taylor, with a headline about her 12 straight wins, Tennis player Johanna Konta, and her world 4th place ranking, and Rugby’s Ellie Kildunne, juggling the world cup along with a-level exams.

Speaking to Totally Runable, Helen Giles, one half of the winning team said, “We were drawn to this brief because we had both experienced dropping sports at the same age and had both regretted it. We wanted to come up with a solution to prevent this from happening to the next generation. We began by asking ourselves what female sports stars we could name and realised that we could barely name any.” Totally Runable founder and Athlete Emily Freeman says this is all too common. “We work to close the gender sport gap in schools and one of our workshops asks children to name as many sportspeople as they can in 5 minutes. Our ratios are about 40:1 male to female athletes who children name, which is shocking. This award is so well deserved. The idea to put female athletes and their stories on London Buses is such a bold and visible way to get more role models in front of teenage girls, as well as older and younger girls and boys and adults. We absolutely need more visibility for female athletes, which is what our #SeeSportyBeSporty campaign is all about. I’m over the moon that our research has been useful in such a high profile way”.

#SeeSportyBeSporty is Totally Runable’s campaign calling for sport in the media to be more gender equal. Join over other 1500 people who have signed the petition so far and sign the petition at to be part of the movement.