Should You Be Doing More For Girls In Sport?

September 2018

It was great to appear in AfPE’s Autumn 2021 Edition of Physical Education Matters.

Natalie Jackson looked at all things School PE, sport and physical activity with a focus on whether we should be doing more for girls in sport (spoiler alert, the answer is yes), and the ways schools we are working with are closing the Gender Sport Gap.

“How often are children reminded of their gender? On first glance this may appear an odd question, but phrases like “Good morning boys and girls”, “Be quiet, boys” or “Come along, girls” are still commonplace in most primary school classrooms, assemblies and corridors. If you counted how many times in a school day you hear someone use the words ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ you might be surprised by the findings. Pupils are identified by their gender far more than we may realise, but how does that affect their view of themselves? And how does it impact on physical education (PE), sport and physical activity in school?

Totally Runable Limited is a social enterprise company based in Yorkshire. We support over 200 schools and organisations across the country to measure and help to close the Gender Sport Gap through a free Girls and Sport Pledge. Totally Runable research shows that there is a worrying divide between how boys and girls perform in primary school fitness and confidence benchmarking, from as young as Year 1. More worryingly, despite a huge difference in the messages sent to girls and boys generally about gender and sport, many schools do not include any reference to gender in their development planning or Primary PE and Sport Premium planning and reporting. The Gender Sport Gap in primary schools refers to any measurable difference between boys and girls in confidence, participation and performance in PE, sport or physical activity. Is there a Gender Sport Gap in your school?

If you would like more information you can download our case study here.

If you have a story about the Gender Sport Gap at your school, if you think we might be able to help or if you’d like to share any great work you are doing in this field we would love to hear from you. Get in touch at or @TotallyRunable on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.