Looking for a way to boost teacher wellbeing and staff morale? How about Desk to 5k?

March 2022

Whether you are juggling school staff roles to deal with today’s 25 staff absences, or you are considering whether to reimplement class bubbles as 6% of your pupils test positive for covid, working in (and leading) schools can feel a little chaotic at the moment.

We don’t want to claim that running is the answer to EVERYTHING, but what we know from the work that we do both in and out of schools, and in our own lives, is that you might be surprised how much it could help. And what’s more, our Desk to 5k tool is completely free and staff can start using it TODAY.

Our Desk to 5k plan is a FREE 8 week plan, mixing a training plan to take you from your desk to completing a 5k in 8 weeks. It includes weekly mindset focus and physical tips, as well as access to a Facebook group community to support you on your Desk to 5k journey. We’ll also share our top tips with you as the plan progresses. Staff can go to https://landing.totallyrunable.com/Desk-to-5k/signup.html today to get started.

As a bit of light relief from all the chaos (but not to be used as a delaying tactic instead of doing your first Desk to 5k run), here are 3 awesome benefits of running for your physical and mental health;

    • It adds years to our lives
    • Running for 1-2.5 hours a week has been shown to add around 6 years to average life expectancy. Even a few minutes of running has been shown to lower levels of cardiovascular disease.

    • It keeps our brains young
    • Regular exercise has been shown to help beat age related mental decline. Concentration, attention, organising and planning are all improved through regular exercise.

    • It helps improve our mental health
    • Physical activity has been proven an effective alternative to some standard depression treatments, with just 30 minutes of walking shown to lift the mood of someone suffering from depression. It boosts sleep quality, mood and concentration during the day.

With up to 1000 google searches a month for ‘teacher wellbeing’ we know it’s going to be high on the agenda in 2022, and not just for Ofsted. Our mission is to use running as the tool to build confidence in sport and in life, and to help schools to measure and close the Gender Sport Gap. Desk to 5k does both, which is why we want to share it with you and your staff.

If we can help your school to measure and close the Gender Sport Gap, book a free 15 minute video chat with an expert at https://calendly.com/totallyrunable-nat/totally-runable-gender-sport-gap-support-call?month=2022-02.