How to start running: a 3 step beginner’s guide

March 2022

Starting anything new can be scary, especially something like running. Running isn’t always easy, but it can be pretty simple if you go about it the right way. And we’re here to help with this beginner’s guide.

Our 3 step plan will get you out the door and on your way to being a runner before you know it.

  1. Make a plan

    Whether you’re meeting a friend to get started, or you’re setting a date with yourself, make your plan and stick to it. The hardest part of a run can be getting out the front door, especially if it’s your first run, so having a plan for when and where is a awesome start.

    If you’re a beginner runner looking for a plan for starting to run, we can help with that too. We have a FREE 8 week couch to 5k plan sent straight to your inbox, with our Desk to 5k training plan, plus mindset tips, weekly check-ins and a physical focus for each week to keep you on track. There are also some great strength exercises and stretches to hopefully keep pesky injuries at bay.

    Go to for more info (including how far 5k is in guinea pigs or Empire State Buildings) and to get started.

  2. Think about your why

    We’re all about using running to learn things that help with the rest of our lives. There’s a great Friedrich Nietzsche quote that goes something like “for the right why, we can tolerate any how”, and we love that. Running isn’t always easy, but if you know why you want to do it, you’re much more likely to make changes to your routines that support your aims, and get you through the how of running.

  3. Find your tribe to keep you going

    Everything is better with friends, and running is no different. Run with friends, or join a local running group to keep your motivation high and give you accountability. It can be easy to find excuses not to get out of the door for a run, but if you’d be letting someone else down or missing out on the social element of being with friends you’re much more likely to get out there.

    We love our online running community on our Totally Runable Runners Facebook Group, sharing our running journey and hearing other people’s.

    If you’d like to be a part of our running tribe find us at